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One of the most critical factors affecting the success of any software implementation is the proficiency of the end user. The quicker the staff learns how to use a new system, the sooner productivity gains will be seen. It is extremely important to incorporate end user training into any software deployment project. At PNATC we use our years of expertise and hands-on training methods to provide training on every aspect of the software we install.

We have found that end user training is more effective if it is tailored to your organization’s use of the software. For this reason, our training focuses on lessons which include:

    • The purpose of the software.
    • Tasks the user will complete with the software.
    • How the new software differs from previous versions or products.
    • How the business process has changed with use of the new software.
    • Problems the end user may encounter with the software.

There are different methods to deliver training and we use the one that is most effective for your business.

    • One-on-one hands-on instruction where the instructor walks the individual through the process of performing tasks, resolving issues and answering questions.
    • Classroom hands-on training where the instructor shows a group of users how to use the system in a classroom/lab setting.
    • Seminar style classroom training where the instructor teaches users how to perform common tasks in a live demonstration.
    • End user manual/workflow documentation provided to end user for ongoing support and reference.

Our PNATC consultants not only teach users how to use new technology, but also train them on how to utilize new software to increase productivity and performance and enhance the business process.

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