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Presti & Naegele offers custom programs solutions for QuickBooks. We are able to extend QuickBooks capabilities to provide missing functionality specific for your business or industry. We utilize the QuickBooks Software Developer Kit (SDK), which is a set of development code provided by Intuit that allows applications the ability to interact with the QuickBooks software. This allows your business to continue to perform at its peak, while providing an alternative to another expensive, larger, and more complex accounting software system.


Our custom programs are designed to your specific needs, which include integration with front end ordering / invoicing systems, custom data entry windows, bulk data manipulation, and custom report calculations. We work with your business to develop the best customization using all available tools that QuickBooks provides. We can customize directly in QuickBooks using available custom fields and workflow processes, we can create an overlay application that pushes and pulls data to and from QuickBooks, or we can develop an integration with an existing software to bridge communications with QuickBooks. We strive to create a simplified solution that works exactly as your business works.

If your business or industry requires a customized QuickBooks solution, you’ve come to the right place.  With offices in New York City, Long Island and Philadelphia we are able to provide timely and custom QuickBooks reporting support to a wide range of clients. Contact us today to find out more information about customizing QuickBooks for your company.

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