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QuickBooks Industry Night: Construction w/Sunburst Software

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Join us for our upcoming NYC QuickBooks Network training night, Tuesday March 19. Our focus this month will be on the Construction industry, specifically, utilizing AIA Billing and Certified Payroll add-ons by Sunburst Software. Steve Grgas, partner at Presti & Naegele, will discuss the ins and outs of utilizing QuickBooks for a construction company and Alex will demo these products.

Please note this is a new location. This is west of 6th Avenue on the south side of the street.

Our agenda for the evening:
6:00-6:30: Networking
6:30-7:30: App demos and discussion
7:30-8:00: Q&A

Check out our intro video about these two applications http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZepJ2wb2hMI

Sunburst Software – http://www.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/

Certified Payroll
Many government contractors across the country are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act (Prevailing Wage) – including a growing number of small and large construction firms as a result of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). ARRA provided billions of dollars in funding for the improvement of the nation’s infrastructure, that in turn, created a slew of new government-funded construction projects requiring certified payroll/prevailing wage reports.

Certified Payroll Solution provides comprehensive and accurate prevailing wage payroll reports, including the most frequently required WH-347 Payroll Certification Form and the WH-348 Statement of Compliance Form. To meet the complex compliance regulations faced by customers, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc. also provides reporting on nearly all municipal, state, and federal paper forms: required by each state. Electronic certified payroll submission, compatible with LCPtracker, Hill International {formerly TRS Consultants}, Elation Systems, and other agencies; is also included at no additional cost.

AIA Billing
Construction Application for Payment Solution (CAPS) has been specifically designed to work with QuickBooks® to help you create Percentage of Completion contract billings on the actual AIA G-702® “Contractor Application for Payment”, G-703® “Continuation Sheet”, G-702® CMa “Construction Managers and Advisors” documents (or similar plain paper forms); without time-consuming data entry.

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