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Sometimes our clients have software needs that QuickBooks just wasn’t designed to do. Most of the time, we can come up with workarounds that achieve the result they were looking for, but not always. This is where we tend to look for third party applications that work with QuickBooks. Inventory/Warehouse control, remote time/expense entry, and CRM packages are common add on software. There are times though, that these pre-built components don’t do everything the client needs. In some of those cases, I have designed customized software for QuickBooks that does exactly what they want. While this route can be more expensive than buying an off the shelf software package, it allows more flexibility with the software and doesn’t include a bunch of extra options that are not needed.

Recently, one of my clients needed to be able to export sales orders from QuickBooks into and Excel spreadsheet. There are a few data exporters out there, and reports may also be a viable solution, but this client wanted to ensure that a transaction got flagged as being exported out so they don’t accidentally re-export it. They also wanted to be able to control if the sales order was to be exported in the first place as some orders would never be exported.

I created a small application that links into QuickBooks and allows them to get a list of sales orders that have not been exported yet. I used a custom Customer field that tracks if the order has been exported, which also allows them to change this manually. This means they can re-export an order, or manually mark an order to not be exported. The software interface is simply designed to make using it easy for their staff. I’ve included some screenshots below. If you are looking for something that works with QuickBooks, but you can’t seem to find something already available, contact us and we may be able to help!

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