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While some clients contact us to help them expand the capabilities of QuickBooks, we also get people who just need to learn the basics. They are usually starting a new business and want to ensure that their bookkeeping records are accurate. Most of the time, these people have never done any bookkeeping work before. We offer one on one training to help get these people up to speed on the basics of QuickBooks. While personalized individual training is nice, the costs sometimes keep people from being able to work with us. Because of this, Presti & Naegele have created a full-day QuickBooks Classroom training. This training covers the basics of QuickBooks with a hand-on approach that will allow even new people a great start with QuickBooks.

Some of the topics that we cover include:

  • Installation and Setup
  • Chart of Accounts and Item List
  • Customers, Invoices, and Payments
  • Vendors, Bills and Bill Payments
  • Deposits and Reconciliation

You can view the details of the classes offered by clicking the button below. Hope to see you there!
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