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QuickBooks 2014 is coming!

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So, as usual Intuit is releasing a new version of QuickBooks this year! Tentatively called QuickBooks 2014 or Version 14 for Enterprise, though it is subject to change. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking a look at some of the new features and post about them here. Some of the changes look great, though the key is really how they actually perform! Please keep in mind that this is still pre-release information and all of this is subject to change.

One of the biggest things that I am excited about is a change in the underlying database that QuickBooks uses. Some of you users may know that QuickBooks is built using Sybase SQL Anywhere. It’s a modified version of the database, and Intuit does not give out the admin password to see all the internals of the software. They also lock away a lot of the configuration of how the database engine works. In the past, this has meant that the engine was limited to 512MB cache. While this may have been sufficient for a lot of users, we did start having some of our larger clients notice considerable slowdowns when using QuickBooks.

In the new version of QuickBooks, they are looking at setting the cache to be automatically controlled by the Sybase engine’s needs. This means that if the engine could use 1024MB, and it’s available on the system, it’ll use it. This should hopefully allow users with large data files, and good hardware, much faster access. Of course, if you’re running QuickBooks on old computers with only 1GB of RAM, this update won’t help speed up the system much. And there’s always the possibility that the bottlenecks in speed arn’t related to the database cache. Here’s hoping that this will bring a big improvement to those clients who have larger data files, though!

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