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QuickBooks 2013 – Maximizing Workspace

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When Intuit released QuickBooks 2013, they made changes to the user interface. The color scheme has been updated, they added Microsoft Office style ribbon bars, and even changed the fonts used. After this change, a lot of my clients voiced their dislike of the new interface. While some of the complaints are simply because something changed (most people don’t like change), others had their workflow process hindered by these changes.

One of the biggest complaints was not being able to see all of the information on a screen. Below are two screen shots of an Invoice. The first is from QuickBooks 2012 and the second is from 2013. These were done with a screen resolution of 1024×768. A few things to notice is that in 2013 some of the text boxes don’t show all the information like they do in the 2012 version. For example, the Customer:Job and Template fields get cut off in 2013, where they don’t in the 2012 version. You also are missing a large portion of the right sidebar that shows details of the selected customer.
There are some things that you can change to help improve your workflow. The simplest is to change the icon bar back to the top like it is in 2012. To do this, go to your View menu and select Top Icon Bar. This simple change will now let you see the left sidebar with the customer details as seen in the screen below:

Another option that works well is the Full Screen Mode. This mode will maximize the window you are in and gives you more room to see the fields, but it does remove the customer details sidebar. Some people may like this mode better, however. You access full screen mode by clicking the four-arrow icon in the upper right corner of the window as seen below:

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