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One of the tools we will be working with in this project is QQube by Clearify http://www.clearify.com/products/30-QQUBE-Technology/ . This tool gives you access to QuickBooks data without needing to deal with the ODBC driver and eliminates the need to understand the tables and relationships (which can be painful) in the Quickbooks database. In addition to this, it also allows you to consolidate multiple company files giving you cross-file reporting on data you normally would not have access to. With this client we are setting them up with the Multi-User/Multi-Company versions of the software to run in their Terminal Service environment. One of the goals we are looking to accomplish with the software is linking the data to their SQL server. Clearify provides some pretty good detail on accomplishing this by creating a Linked Server :

New Linked Server

In the next few posts we will discuss this process in a bit more detail.

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