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Customizing Method Integration Pitfalls

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I’ve been working with some clients who are switching from an existing CRM/Accounting solution to QuickBooks and Method Integration (http://www.methodintegration.com). One of the biggest obstacles has been what I like to call feature bloat. Because Method is very customizable, clients tend to try and create their entire wish list right off the bat. This causes the project to take a lot longer to implement, and can even cause the project to never get started as this can cause massive changes to workflow processes. Most people don’t like change, even when it’s good changes.

What I like to do when switching is to get them using the already built in functions of the software and after that is working, start introducing changed workflows. For example, in Method, they have already built a robust CRM package. It can track leads, opportunities, and tasks, along with all the functionality of QuickBooks (and it synchronizes with QuickBooks as well) right out of the box.

This process also allows the users to get a better feel for what is capable in the software they are switching from and sometimes (but not always) keep their expectations and hopes more in line with what is capable. While it would be nice to be able to have a out of the box solution that does everything, the truth is that there will always need to be some things that are on the “Wish List” which may never get implemented.

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