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Certified Payroll with QuickBooks

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If you are a contractor that deals with government contracts and need to submit these weekly reports, Sunburst Software Solutions has a great tool which can streamline the creation of Certified Payroll Reports.

QuickBooks holds basic information about your employees, customers, jobs, timetracking, and payroll information.  Certified Payroll Solution holds additional information, which is required on the final reports, about your employees, jobs, payroll wage items, and deductions; that QuickBooks doesn’t in linked records.  Information from both programs is then merged together to generate the final reports–without time-consuming duplicate data entry.

When used in conjunction with QuickBooks, Sunburst Software Solutions, Inc.’s Certified Payroll Solution will broaden and enhance the QuickBooks end-user experience, as well as, their return on investment; allowing for timely delivery of complex, compliance driven prevailing wage reports.  Certified Payroll Solution has proven to increase report accuracy and reduce reporting efforts up to 95%: effectively turning hours of work into minutes.

In addition to accuracy, reliability and convenience; processing payroll in-house using QuickBooks and Certified Payroll Solution gives customers numerous benefits, including:

  • Certified Payroll Reports tailored specifically to meet your state specific reporting requirements.
  • Statement of Compliance tailored specifically to meet your state specific reporting requirements.
  • The option to generate the Federal WH-347 certified payroll report and statement of compliance for individual jobs.
  • Automatic “No Work Performed” Payroll Report.
  • Automatically creates the necessary file(s) for electronic filing of certified payroll reports with LCPtracker, Hill International {formerly TRS Consultants, Inc.}, Elation Systems, California Department of Industrial Relations – Public Works Compliance Monitoring Unit, and more.
  • 30 Federal, State, and Local EEOC/Work Utilization Reports.
  • Create Generic Bona-Fide Plan Fringe Benefit Contributions.
  • “Design-Your-Own Report” Union or Bona-Fide Plan Fringe Benefit Reporting module.

We recently discussed this tool at one of our meetup groups and will have a video on our website in the near future, in the meantime please visit their website: http://www.sunburstsoftwaresolutions.com/


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